Ultimate Wedding Proposal

Is someone cutting Onions in the room or is it the allergies acting up again?

Baby Laughing at Coconut

Babies are cute....especially when they find the smallest things funny, like this baby.  Check it out HERE


It's tough enough just to remember the words and not freak out when singing a national anthem in front of all those people.  Kudos to Mark Donnelly for falling and not skipping a beat on the Canadian National Anthem.  See it HERE

Wedding Proposal Fail

Ever witness a proposal fail?  There a LOTS on youtube, we came across this one recently...Watch it HERE


Travis has one needy pup, but she's a small dog.  Imaging a needy, cuddly Saint Bernard, yes a Saint Bernard...big dog!  Check out the video of this needy pooch HERE

Mutant Giant Spider Dog

Raise your hand if this made you jump a bit...Check out this Mutant Spider Dog HERE

Back To School

In honor of all the "first day of school" pics floating around on Facebook, we took our own.

Photo: I'm no fool, I'm back to school


Most relaxing sounds ever...

Ahh a perfect weekend in the tri-states, sipping that cold adult malted beverage, but what else is there for relaxing? Sounds... Brits say the sound of sizzling bacon or the opening notes to a favorite TV show, are the sounds which help them relax the most.  Snack brand Taste Inc surveyed 1,000 adults and asked them what sounds they found the most calming.

See the whole list HERE

8 Irrelevent Phrases

When was the last time you used a payphone!? Let's all venture back to a simpler time, when courting a woman was still something that happened and the only people who owned cell phones were probably astronauts. Many great things came from such a time: Learning how to actually use an encyclopedia, how to look up your friend's phone number in the Yellow Pages, how to actually speak on the telephone like a normal human being, etc.


Check out the Full List HERE