Most relaxing sounds ever...

Ahh a perfect weekend in the tri-states, sipping that cold adult malted beverage, but what else is there for relaxing? Sounds... Brits say the sound of sizzling bacon or the opening notes to a favorite TV show, are the sounds which help them relax the most.  Snack brand Taste Inc surveyed 1,000 adults and asked them what sounds they found the most calming.

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8 Irrelevent Phrases

When was the last time you used a payphone!? Let's all venture back to a simpler time, when courting a woman was still something that happened and the only people who owned cell phones were probably astronauts. Many great things came from such a time: Learning how to actually use an encyclopedia, how to look up your friend's phone number in the Yellow Pages, how to actually speak on the telephone like a normal human being, etc.


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