Baby It's Cold Outside-Creepy?

Ever really listened to the lyrics to "Baby It's Cold Outside"? Kinda creepy, take a look at a video done a few years ago with a twist to the song.

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Worst Driver Ever??

No, I (Travis) SUCK at parallel parking, so I just don't do it.  Check out this person spending 4 minutes trying to get out of an easy to get out of parking space.

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New Tune Tuesday-11/18 Garth Brooks-Mom

It's the brand new heart-wrenching tune from Garth Brooks.  Have Kleenex handy!  Check out his Good Morning America Interview and performance of the song HERE


Garth Brooks-Mom

(Photo Credit: Taste Of Country)

We had the pleasure of debuting the brand new one from Garth Brooks called "Mom".  It's a very touching song and you WILL need the tissue box near you for this song.  Take a listen to Garth talking about the song below

Going to Garth? Here's some Tips:

(credit: Adam Grim / BUZ'N@102.9)

(credit: Adam Grim / BUZ’N@102.9)


If you are going to Garth Brooks this weekend, our friends from Buzn' 102.9 in Minneapolis provide some tips to try and make it smooth. 

Check it out HERE

 (Credit: buzn' 102.9 Minneapolis)