11/4 Brantley Gilbert-One Hell Of An Amen

Off of Brantley's "Just As I Am" CD this is his latest release.  A very powerful new tune that as Brantley says "it really digs a little deep below the surface"

Brantley talks about what "One Hell Of An Amen" means to him

Best and Worst in Halloween Candy

What was the candy you loved getting in your trick or treat bag, then the other side, what candy stayed in the bag for months until it got thrown out? Parents, how much candy do you steal..er..."quality check" from your kids bag each year?

Check out this list of best and worst Halloween candy HERE

Get this App!

If you are looking for ways to waste time while surfing the web, you should get the STUMBLE UPON app!  It's also available online so you can waste company time at work.

(we do not actually condone wasting company time, but sometimes you just have to right?)

Alan Jackson Tour

Alan Jackson Tour: 25th Anniversary Keepin' It Country

<People.com> The year was 1989: Alan Jackson was an unknown singer from Newnan, Georgia, on a brand new label in Nashville, and excited to be releasing his first single and getting ready to go on his first tour as a signed artist. Now, 25 years later – when many of his peers have slowed it down and dialed it back – the superstar has announced a big new tour to celebrate his silver anniversary.  Jackson's 25th Anniversary Keepin' It Country Tour will kick off Jan. 8, 2015, in Fort Myers, Florida, and wrap up May 17 at Denver's Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

(Read Full Article HERE)

Ultimate Wedding Proposal

Is someone cutting Onions in the room or is it the allergies acting up again?

5/10 GAME

      Are you quick on your feet? Listen to Phil & Jacklyn in the Morning for your chance to play the 5/10 GAME. Just name 5 things in a category in under 10 seconds and you win something fabulous from the highly expensive and gold plated KQ prize closet thanks to Quality Vac and Sew in the Winona Mall!

Baby Laughing at Coconut

Babies are cute....especially when they find the smallest things funny, like this baby.  Check it out HERE


It's tough enough just to remember the words and not freak out when singing a national anthem in front of all those people.  Kudos to Mark Donnelly for falling and not skipping a beat on the Canadian National Anthem.  See it HERE

Wedding Proposal Fail

Ever witness a proposal fail?  There a LOTS on youtube, we came across this one recently...Watch it HERE