This Senior Class FTW

The seniors at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Jersey have been saving for 4 years to go on their senior class trip. Recently, they found out that their principal, Courtney Vashaw has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. So instead of going on their senior class trip, they voted unanimously to donate the $8000 they saved to their principal for cancer treatment. Best. Senior. Class. Ever.

There is now a Crowdwise campaign for this senior class so they can get the trip they deserve.



5-year-old Josiah Duncan was recently at a Waffle House with his mom in Prattville, Alabama when he saw a homeless man come in and sit at a table. He then began to ask his mom about homelessness to grasp a better understanding. What Josiah did next had the whole restaurant reduced to tears. #FaithInHumanityRestored Montgomery Alabama news.

So This Is Erin Andrews' Ugly Cry Face

On Monday's Dancing With The Stars Semi - Finals Show, which brought plenty of tears on my part, there was a particularly touching moment when Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend Jamie. Of course we couldn't just focus on that moment, but rather we focused on the strange look that Co-Host Erin Andrews gave during the moment.

Erin Andrews got plenty of attention on social media for her supposed eye roll, but she went on to defend herself and say this is her ugly cry face.

Magic Mike XXL Trailer is Here

Please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face. Seriously, could this cast be any hotter? Magic Mike XXL hits theaters July 1st.

Magic Mike XXL Trailer

The wait is over. The #MagicMikeXXL trailer is here! #ComeAgain

Posted by Magic Mike on Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I'm sorry, but this meme never gets old. Justin Timberlake is probably over it though. HAHAHA!