I always seem to find myself in trouble, but I always manage to get out of it. These dimples can be deceiving.


Don't Forget to Turn Your Clocks Back

Daylight saving time ends this Sunday, November 1st at 2:00 a.m. That means it's time to turn the clocks back one hour and complain for the next 5 months that it gets dark way too early. Why has this not been abolished yet?!

Ultimate Baby Surprise....And, I'm Bawling

I say it often, but this really is the best surprise baby announcement I've ever seen! Every time I see it I get chills and even a few tears. Cory and Kristen Williams live in Alaska and Cory has his own YouTube Channel called DudeLikeHELLA. Earlier this week, Cory and Kristen were working on a new video where Kristen was giving a blindfolded Cory a taste test. Little did Cory know, Kristen had a big surprise in store for him. Congrats!

Happy #NationalChocolateDay!

Please don't lick the screen, go get a candy bar to celebrate #NationalChocolateDay.

Happy National Chocolate Day

Whoa … sorry. We just got lost in the National Chocolate Day goodness. Mmm.

Posted by USA TODAY on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Top Searched Halloween Costume by State

Halloween is this Saturday, and some of us are still searching frantically for a costume idea. Are we searching differently depending on which state we live in? It looks that way. In Wisconsin, we are searching Google most for superheroes like Groot. In Iowa, the most searched costume is of the Pink Ladies from Grease. And in Minnesota, they're searching for cartoon characters like Sven from Frozen. Hover over the map to see what costumes are being searched most on Google in each state.