I always seem to find myself in trouble, but I always manage to get out of it. These dimples can be deceiving.


Dear Teenage Boy at the Skate Park....

Jeanean Thomas' 6-year-old daughter Peyton has been wanting to learn to skateboard for some time now, she finally got her skateboard and headed down to the skate park with her mom. Peyton was just beginning when a young teenage boy came over to her. Jeanean was ready to giver her mom speech when the teenage boy completely surprised her by offering to help Peyton.

Jeanean has since posted a letter thanking the teenage boy and it has gone viral.

Happy #BackToTheFuture Day!

In case you missed it, Wednesday, October 21st 2015 is the day when Marty McFly travels to the future in Back to the Future: Part II. Kind of amazing how they predicted some of things we do have today like video chat, hoverboards, drones, tablets and moblie technology, biometric devices, etc. We're still waiting for flying cars though.

This is what I really enjoyed about Back to the Future Day, a personal PSA from Doc Brown himself. The future is now and yours is whatever you make it!


Seth King lives in Utah and sometimes he has a hard time getting his 5 kids up and on time for school. So he started writing very creative, vivid late notes to excuse them for being late all the time. Now, he has even started an Instagram account which has become very popular. I need him to write me notes when I'm running late. 



A photo posted by Mr. King (@latenotes) on



A photo posted by Mr. King (@latenotes) on

Jilted Bride Donates Reception Food to Homeless

Even though the wedding didn't happen, the meal didn't go to waste. I have so much respect for this jilted bride and her family. This past week in Sacramento, Quinn Duane was supposed to get married at a high end hotel in Sacramento. However, early last week the groom got cold feet and called off the wedding which cost around $35,000. 

Instead of letting the meal and the reception go to waste, Quinn's family invited homeless people from the area to enjoy it. Duane family FTW!

Travis Digs #Tuxedo from Clare Dunn

We are all really big Clare Dunn fans after seeing her at the La Crosse Center with Miranda Lambert. Her new song #Tuxedo is amazing, and it even gets Travis dancing. Clare Dunn even commented on the video herself!


BEST.NIGHT.EVER....#Tuxedo Clare Dunn

Posted by KQ98 on Thursday, October 15, 2015