KQ98 and Mississippi Welders Supply Co., Inc. are giving a Salute To Our Troops. Every month beginning in November, we will recognize a service member, veteran or active duty. We will feature a different service member each month on KQ98. To show our gratitude for their service, our featured service member will receive a $50 gift card to Blue Heron Coffeehouse.

The first Monday of the month, Phil and Jacklyn will give the Salute To Our Troops by announcing our new featured service member. Join KQ98 and Mississippi Welders Supply Co., Inc in a Salute To Our Troops!

February Salute to Our Troops

This month we salute Air Craft Maintenance Technician Reese Spree. Crew Chief Spree was active duty in the Air Force for the past seven years overseeing the operation of the military aircrafts including the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker. He was stationed in Quatar, Japan and North Carolina. Thank you for your service Crew Chief Spree, we salute you!

January Salute to Our Troops

This month we salute E6 Machine Mate First Class Petty Officer Mac Macomber of the United States Navy. Petty Officer Macomber served 13 years in the US Navy. He circled the globe 2 1/2 times during his service on the vessels USS LY Spears, USS Sylvania, USS Tripoli and USS Truxton. Petty Officer Macomber was also an instructor at Great Lakes Naval Base. Thank you for your service Petty Officer Mac Macomber, we salute you!


December Salute To Our Troops


This month we are giving a salute to World War II veteran Herman Bunge of Eitzen. Herman was a driver for General George Smith Patton, Jr. during the war. Herman is also celebrating a very big birthday this month....he's turning 100! Happy Birthday Herman, we salute you!



KQ98 and Mississippi Welders Supply salute our brave men and women in uniform. This month we salute United States Navy Commander Bruce Bronk. Commander Bronk has served in the U.S. Navy for over 30 years and will retire this month with a ceremony in Virginia. He has served on some of the mightiest vessels in the world including the USS Nimitz, the USS Constellation, the USS Enterprise, the USS George Washington, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt.